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Bariloche - Argentina

Enjoy different activities in an incredible natural landscape.

The city is the starting point for a journey that invokes the beauty of the Alps. The abundance of pine trees in the region and the pure and energizing climate have cataloged the place as one of the cities chosen by visitors.
Bariloche is distinguished by a wide range of options for tourists. Imposing hotels with a great trajectory, such as Llao Llao Hotel, have been visited by distinguished people from all over the world. Nahuel Huapi National Park is located in the southwest of Neuquén and the west of Río Negro, with an area of 750,000 hectares of protected area, it is one of the National Parks most visited by tourists. Cerro Catedral, with 2400 meters, stands out, being the most important ski center in Argentina.


The whole region offers possibilities for adventure tourism.

  • Sky

    The Alta Patagonia and Robles Catedral ski runs are located in Cerro Catedral just 19km away from the city of Bariloche and allow people of all ages to enjoy the snow. For children between 3 and 13 years old, there are ski schools directed by professionals and snowmobiles, as well as a nursery at the base of the hill; for snowboarders and lovers of extreme skiing, the novelty is the permanent snowpark for skiers to have fun in an exclusive place for them. With 200 skiable hectares and 67 km of prepared ski runs, the whole complex also has gastronomic inns, pubs, typical restaurants, night casino and nightclubs. Among the events that stand out, we can mention the Bajada de Antorchas (torch-lit descent), where the National Snow Queen is crowned.

    Scuba diving baptism in Lago Escondido and Bosque Sumergido in Traful, just a few km from the city.

    Mountain bike descent from Cerro Campanario.

    Climbing and trekking at Cerro Tronador is especially recommended for mountain enthusiasts and for people having some kind of previous training

    Fun, excitement and teamwork is the motto for descending the Limay River, through the middle section of the Manso River or the Foyel River. Fascinating landscapes, charming serenity, and contact with the Patagonian peace. There are several levels of descent, some suitable for families and others for sport fans.

    Paragliding baptism, an awsome experience. Flights are made in tandem, accompanied by a professional who guides the sail. While flying through the air, you can see Nahuel Huapi Lake and Mascardi Lake.

    Horse riding through local forests; at noon, riders can enjoy a real charcoal barbecue, accompanied by stories and guitar playing.

    Ascent by cable car, where you can contemplate the impressive view from the summit, sail up the course of the vast Nahuel Huapi Lake, and arrive at Victoria Island to admire the Arrayanes Forest.

    Tour to Puerto Blest, which takes all day and allows you to discover Cascada de los Cántaros, with a path of 700 steps carved into rock. Then, we sail through Frias Lake, nearly reaching the border with Chile.

    Kayak in Escondido Lake and several other lakes in the region.

    Departing from San Carlos de Bariloche, the visit borders Nahuel Huapi Lake, passing through Playa Bonita and contemplating the charming Huemul Island. When you reach Cerro Campanario, you take the chairlift to enjoy an impressive view of Nahuel Huapi and Perito Moreno Lakes, as well as El Trébol Pond. There is a tour through the San Eduardo Chapel, a regional architectural gem, and there is also a visit to Puerto Pañuelo, where you can get on board and make a sailing tour. To visit Cascada de los Alerces, you have to take a detour on the road that goes to Cerro Tronador.

    One-day outings to fly-fish trouts. You can also buy a 1-week fishing permit to carry out controlled fishing in the whole Park.

    A visit to the Museum of Patagonia implies going back to the past. There are exhibits of the animals that inhabited the region in prehistoric times. Another room shows details of the devastating Conquest of the Desert, and displays a sample of objects from the pioneers as well as from the Tehuelches, Patagones and Mapuche Indians. A large amount of documents and photos show the landowners exploiting the white gold, that is to say, sheeps. The visit reveals data about the leather cloaks that protected the Tehuelches, the way they traveled along the rivers, and their beliefs. The museum recreates the past and transmits it to visitors.

    To get to Esquel, you have to border the Carrileufú River, and enter into the Los Alerces National Park. Mountain path with impressive ledges and a panoramic view that takes your breath away. The colors of trees and the vegetation weave a cheerful and natural mantle to the path. The forests of Los Alerces Natural Park are millenary specimens, with a hight of 50 meters. If you travel along Provincial route n. 7, the tour includes a visit to Rivadavia, Verde and Fatalaufquen Lakes. Part of the tour leads to Quimei Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in the region. Then, you continue to the Welsh Colony of Trevelín, about 22km south of Esquel, which was founded by Welsh immigrants, and offers a display of cultural tradition. You can’t miss the Welsh tea and have to enjoy the homemade delicacies; the Regional Museum displays objects and documents of the settlers, their struggle to yield results, their tenacity in the face of an inhospitable nature. Cordillera de los Andes is an impressive witness of the Patogonian beauty, the climate in summer is cool and pleasant, and the sky maintains a perfect blue.
  • Gastronomy

    Bariloche stands out for the production of jams, goat cheese platters and cold cuts. Fresh trout and salmon dishes from the region are also tempting, as well as deer, wild boar and hares that are cooked following European traditions. You can also taste regional jams such as blueberry, boysenberry, rosehip and blackberries. You can’t miss the delicious ice creams made with regional fruits. In order to try an authentic selection of Argentinean meals, there’s nothing better than having lunch at El Boliche Viejo, located where the Limay River begins. Do not miss the pictures of the settlers hanging on the walls. And if it is possible, take the individual tablecloth as a souvenir, since it recounts the adventures and misadventures of the American bandits Butch Cassidy and his merciless pursuer Sheriff Shefield.
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